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TriPower Resources, LLC

TriPower Resources, LLC is a privately held Independent Energy Company engaged in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources throughout the United States.

TriPower is the successor in interest to Merrico Resources, Inc., formerly owned and operated by the Merrick family of Oklahoma. In 1992 Buttes Gas and Oil purchased certain assets from Merrico.  In December 1992, the present ownership purchased the assets of Buttes Gas and Oil and the company was incorporated as TriPower Resources, Inc.  In June, 2006 Gibbs Holdings, LLC became the sole owner and the name was changed to TriPower Resources, LLC.  We celebrated our twentieth year of operation in December, 2012.

One of the company's primary assets is the experienced and highly talented staff and consulting partners we have in place, which includes James C. Woodson, formerly the Vice-President of Exploration-Worldwide for Samedan Oil Corporation and Noble Affiliates.

TriPower operates and owns an interest in over 400 wells throughout the United States including: Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Illinois and Louisiana. Our corporate offices are located in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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